Farm to Truck: Eat Local Across the Country at these 20 Trucks

A trip to the local farmers market makes for a perfect little weekend retreat. Exchanging recipes with new merchant friends while sampling their artisan cheese curds, fresh-picked blackberries, homemade pickles, etc… and then circling back to stock up on the goods, is time well spent.

Of course, this delectable experience is simply not complete without a few food trucks parked close by and awaiting our patronage with chalkboard signs front and center, offering tasty daily specials which feature these exact ingredients.

farm to truck: eat local across the country at these 20 trucks

Supporting the sustainability of local farms and the families who run them is a win-win-win-win for all!  Chefs often prefer to engage directly with their ingredients, hand-picking each item of produce to ensure the highest quality. As they craft their menus, they like to keep their minds open to spontaneous inspiration. Perhaps they can craft a whole new dish around this freshly harvested herb that they just discovered! Sourcing local ingredients is also the most environmentally friendly way to function, decreasing the carbon footprint of international distribution.

You can taste the difference too. When fruits and vegetables are shipped from distant locations, they’re picked off the vines well before they’ve ripened, diminishing their potential nutritional value. When you eat locally sourced produce, you’re guaranteed maximum flavor and substance.

farm to truck eat local across the country farm 2 mesa food truck juice

The thriving food truck industry undoubtedly supports the farm to table (or truck) movement, and you too can make a positive impact on your community just by coming out and ordering something delicious.

Here are 20 trucks located throughout the country with menus that showcase their emphasis on using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients with rotating selections that best reflect the organic offerings of each beautiful season:

farm to truck eat local across the country at these 20 food trucks - rolling harvest food truck

Wheelmington– Wilmington, NC

Farm to Truck – Denver

Farm2Mesa – Nashville

Fetta Di Casa – Rindge, NH

Christie Caters Farm to Truck – Litchfield, CT

fetti di casa food truck pizza

GoGanics Organic Food Truck -Baltimore

American Cultures – Denver

The Green Machine – Cleveland

Keenwah CO – Denver

SolarCart Cafe – Rhode Island

farm to truck: eat local across the country at these 20 trucks
farm to table: eat local across the country at these 20 food trucks brothers bears bbq catering pulled pork sandwich

802 Fresh – West Burke, VT

Barraza Trade Company – Phoenix AZ

Farmers & Foragers – Burlington, Vermont

Heirloom LA – Los Angeles

Little Green Cyclo – San Francisco

There are plenty more where these came from, check out Roaming Hunger for more trucks near you and change the world, one amazing meal at a time!