Casual Fryday: The LA French Fry Guide

Let’s face it, all Fridays come with a built-in excuse to eat a ton of fries…which is why we should use Casual Fridays at the office as an excuse to dig in together as a team. This whole time there have been so many great reasons to right under our noses. Most obvious is: Friday/Fry-day”, right? But how about the fact that it’s the end of a crazy week and our overloaded brains could best be described as fried…or in a potato-like state? And what about the fact that our fancy blazers and neckties are still at home, so it’s finally safe to break out all the condiments? And with everyone wearing their comfort zone-best, the corporate catering menu will ideally make you feel right at home too. 

Our guide below highlights some of the best french fries in all of Los Angeles County, let alone the food truck scene. Feel free to casually peruse the list, then click here to book a fry-focused experience. Meanwhile, Happy Fryday!

Kimchi Fries from Fries First

First order of business is to introduce Fries First. The truck itself resembles a giant golden french fry, so when you see it pull up to provide corporate catering, it’s like a literal dream come true. As their name suggests, the menu doesn’t just toss fries to the side, but uses a bed of crispy waffle fries as a foundation for the flavors of the world. Imagine LAX for your taste buds, only infinitely more convenient and enjoyable. Trot the globe to Greece with the lamb gyro fries, or to Southeast Asia with yellow curry chicken, back to SoCal with chipotle asada, and over to Koreatown/Korea with kimchi, onion, sprouts, jalapeno, cilantro, sweet & spicy chojang, baja sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds…this tangy experience should be at the top of your priority list. 

Firecracker Pork Belly Fries from Belly Bombz

While you may feel more than ready for the weekend, your workload would suggest otherwise. You’ve got so much to do, you forgot all about breakfast. Now it’s almost time for lunch and your office is suddenly a much more obnoxious place. Those Friday dance beats are a little too loud but the high-pitched pings of your co-worker’s notifications drowns everything else out. Before your hanger reaches an explosive point, diffuse the situation with Firecracker Pork Belly Fries: your choice of garlic & thyme or spicy Bomb Dust fries topped with tender pork belly, cheddar jack cheese, fresh pico de gallo, avocado, cilantro, and a dollop of crema. Just one bite and your inner-hulk will give you a bear hug. Perhaps it’s food trucks like Belly BombZ that could lead us to world peace.

Pig Tails & Sweetie Pie Fries from Baby’s Badass Burgers

Los Angeles is a haven for the health-conscious, but even your office’s token yoga masters and beach bod builders can’t resist the deep temptation of deep-fried potatoes. Leave it to the famous Baby’s Badass Burgers to quench these cravings with their signature Pig Tails (curly fries) and/or Sweetie Pie Fries (sweet potato fries). Both award-winning options are equally popular, with Sweetie Pies on the more nutritious side, of course. As seen on Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, HBO, ABC (and beyond), you can load these babies up with Baby’s 10-spice chili & cheese, or dip em in Baby’s special sauce, ranch, and spicy cheese sauce. Now end your long week the right way with some badass satisfaction.

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Pesto Portobello Frites from Papa Fritz

Papa Fritz represents the best of Belgium with freshly baked waffles and double-fried, hand-cut frites. They both pair beautifully as they share a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior. Their menu also offers a variety of Belgian-fusion loaded fries, with toppings ranging from Schnitzel to Buffalo Chicken to Beef Bulgogi. In between, you’ve got the Pesto Portobello Fries, with a list of ingredients that reads like the recipe for joy: portobello mushrooms, onion, goat cheese, spinach, pesto, and truffle balsamic glaze. Up your corporate catering game by booking Papa Fritz to bring the goods.

Wachos from The Lobos Truck

Everyone planning to grab a drink after work? Reverse the order of things by having The Lobos Truck bring the late night eats first. In this case, Wachos is what you definitely want: seasoned criss-cut fries loaded with your choice of Cheesy Ranch, Buffalo with bleu cheese and bacon, Green dragon sauce with guacamole, and more. You can get the best of two worlds with the Half & Half option, or the best of all worlds by ordering the OG. Yep, it’s got everything. Now you definitely don’t have to worry about knocking back beers later on an empty stomach.

Garlic Fries from Ta Bom Truck

Los Angelenos LOVE Ta Bom Truck. There’s something about the vibrant colors of the Brazilian truck, culture, and flavors that jives so beautifully with the LA scene. Spruce up your next corporate catering with a Carnival-like experience in the form of garlic fries, bright and brimming with grilled minced garlic, homemade garlic herb mayo, grated parmesan cheese and finely chopped parsley. Perhaps pop in a mint before your next one-on-one meeting, which will probably begin as a Ta Bom Truck hype session.

S.C.B. Fries from Pirates Bistro

The gastropub cuisine from Pirates Bistro will steal the love right out of your heart. Their menu hooks you in with an array of gourmet items, including loaded fries with toppings ranging from poutine-style gravy, cheddar cheese and a sunny side up egg, to blue cheese and crispy onion straws, and of course the S.C.B. Fries with sauteed white shrimp, chorizo, applewood smoked bacon, sriracha sour cream, tomato, and green onion. Forget the quarterly profits, this is where the real booty is at. Book Pirates Bistro soon and pay tribute to the seven seas while you Yo Ho, Yo Ho!” it up with all your office mateys. Bottles of rum not included…same with eye-patches and parrots.

Redneck Nachos from Peaches’ Smokehouse

Like much of Los Angeles itself, Redneck Nachos are casual yet deceptively glamorous. You take criss-cut fries topped with slow-smoked pulled pork, homemade BBQ sauce, and seasoned sour cream…and what you’ve got is scrumptious, photogenic comfort food. Kick back with the team and kick off your weekend right with the super-fine fries from Peaches’ Southern Kitchen. T.G.I.Fryday!