We’re Grateful for Our Food Truck Partners (Here’s 6 of Them)

In this month of giving thanks, we’re highlighting some of our food truck partners who have gone above and beyond in 2023. Not only do our Catering and Vendor Experience teams love working with them, but so do their clients! Whether they’ve been with us 10 years or 1 year, they’ve used our services to their advantage, learning from each bid, and stretching themselves to ensure every host is happy they hired them.

From New York City and New Orleans, to Minneapolis and Los Angeles, these are just a handful of vendors we are grateful for when going around the Thanksgiving table. We chatted with each of them about what inspired them to build their businesses and what they’re most thankful for as foodtrepreneurs!

Read more about Stuf’d Truck, Cool PlanEat, La Cocinita Chicago, Little Anchor Lobster Truck, The Tropic Truck, and Doc E’s BBQ below:

(Answers have been edited for length and clarity).

Roaming Hunger: Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for chatting with us! In your own words, please share a bit about how you started your food truck and what keeps you going.

Rebecca Mitchel, Owner of Stuf’d Truck – with Roaming Hunger since 2017

When I was in college, my brother and I went on a trip to Amsterdam. While there, I was inspired by the Broodjie Sandwich, this amazing dutch gem, and decided to create a sandwich company based off of French toast. I’d always been into sandwiches and my grandma made us French toast as kids, so why not serve it up as both a savory and sweet bite?

I’m most thankful for our communicative and friendly team…they go above and beyond, from booking and serving to following up. The same three core employees have been with me since 2018, and some newer team members are now full-time as well (very exciting). Additionally, we have some clients we serve multiple times a year and a few larger festivals we attend annually, and we love getting to “shake things up” working milestone events. Being part of important family celebrations and working with my loyal team makes me so appreciative.

Check out Stuf’d Truck in New York City, servin’ up truly the heartiest eats on the streets. From twice-baked parmesan-crusted challah to French toast pastries covered in nutella, marshmallow fluff, and maple dulce de leche, they’re a sweet or savory starter to any milestone meal. 

Sandy Kraehling, Owner of Cool PlanEat – with Roaming Hunger since 2022:

Cool PlanEat came to me as a concept while I was in the throes of my cafe business (Pan Latin Cafe) in NYC. I wanted to combine my personal convictions of how food can be lovingly made and sold to customers in as sustainable a way as possible—no plastic water bottles/compostables/solar lighting at night—within a business model that would support that. Even the name is a wordplay about keeping the earth cool while warming your tummy and soul. We’re very plant forward, are thoughtfully sourced, and as a trained chef, I cook globally inspired foods that vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike can enjoy. We go above and beyond for events that hire us (before and after), and will do anything to make them successful, from showing up early and cooking in a timely manner to handling dietary restrictions and just genuine interaction.

In terms of gratitude, we’re thankful that we get to promote our concept often, can conduct business in the way we do, and have the autonomy we have. I’m personally grateful for the opportunities RH has afforded us—the exposure is excellent whether or not we win a bid!

Born in NYC, Cool PlanEat then made its way to Vermont and finally sunny Sherman Oaks, CA. They bring together socially conscious food and the owner’s personal climate convictions. Whether it’s a vegetarian Cuban Sandwich (NY Magazine 2004—NYC’s Best) or a Dark Chocolate Flan, you’ll love feeding your food needs and saving the planet all in one!

La Cocinita Chicago, Owner Rachel Billow – with Roaming Hunger since 2012

My husband, Chef Benoit Angulo, and I met while working together at Commander’s Palace, a fine-dining restaurant in New Orleans. He had been making arepas, a Venezuelan speciality, since he was 9 years old and living in Caracas. We went out one late night after a long shift, and with the absence of any nearby late-night food options, Benoit pitched starting a food truck. He envisioned drawing on the flavors and feels of the food carts that lined the strip of Caracas known as “Calle del Hambre” (Hunger Street). We opened our first truck in New Orleans in 2011 and the rest is history!

We feel grateful to have been working with Roaming Hunger almost since its inception, and are thankful that we can offer every client and guest the same exceptional experience from our truck that they would get from a 5-star restaurant. From handling food allergies and dietary restrictions to creating enough boundaries to spend time with our three children, we take so much pride in what we’ve created.

Business for La Cocinita is booming in the Big Easy, and now in a second location in Chicago, IL as well! They focus on contemporary Venezuelan-inspired Latin American street fare like arepas, tacos, burri-tacos and more. Filled with fresh and hot braised chicken, sweet potatoes, black beans, chipotle sauces and more, even CNBC and the Food Network have praised their plates for packing a punch. 

Little Anchor Lobster Truck, Owner Kristin Ciccolella – with Roaming Hunger since 2023

For 12 years, I’ve owned and operated The Anchor—a brick and mortar restaurant in Venice Beach, California. We are wildly popular for our lobster rolls, with lobster flown in from Maine daily. After the pandemic, I wanted to expand, but not with another brick and mortar, so we decided to take it on the road and invest in a food truck! The moment the truck got delivered, we partnered with Roaming Hunger and we’re so glad we did! Since we take events so seriously, and always try to exceed expectations, sharing our high quality items and good portion sizes is always an honor (especially so when we win a bid).

I’m forever thankful for the people I get to work with everyday. My team motivates me, the people I meet when they come to dine or bring us in for an event motivate me. It’s all about connecting with people, and I love giving them a memorable dining experience. How great it is to be part of our community!

This fresh seafood spot is ready to drop anchor at any kind of event. The Anchor’s been named “Best Lobster Roll” in LA by Eater LA, Infatuation LA, and even Meryl Streep (yes, THAT Meryl Streep). Come for the vibes, stay for the hand-cut fries, lobster bisque, beer-battered lobster tacos, and more.

The Tropic Truck – Owner Lauren Saravia – with Roaming Hunger since 2016

In 2015 my co-chef (and husband) Nelson and I joined forces to take influence from Southern Floridian Caribbean cuisine and fuse it with Central American traditional food. We focus on fresh, healthy, and creative Caribbean Fusion and combined have over two decades of experience in Los Angeles kitchens, cooking everything from artisan pizza and Valencian food to vegan cuisine. At first we rented a lunch truck and started serving small-scale private events. It quickly evolved into high-volume festivals and larger events. In 2017 we opened a second Tropic Truck just for large catering with a customized a high-end industrial kitchen, and in 2021 opened a third truck with a focus on outdoor events. We can be found all over LA, from the Convention Center to the Long Beach Grand Prix.

We’re so thankful for the amount of control and precision we have over our products and services…that way we can ensure the most flavorful recipes we have can use the highest quality ingredients available. We love our staff who excel in customer service and are forever grateful for the success we have (and can credit our fresh, unique flavors).

It’s no secret that this sought after seafood and Caribbean Fusion fête is one of the tastiest trucks LA has to offer. Wild caught seafood, vegan bites, and even fantastic gluten-free food is available on The Tropic Truck. Grab a Caribbean Spiced Roasted Pork Wrap AND some Tropical Shrimp Tacos…we won’t tell!

Doc E’s BBQ, Owner Paul Estenson – with Roaming Hunger since 2015

I started Doc E’s BBQ in June 2008. My 14-year-old daughter wanted a summer job and I wanted to start a BBQ business—as I’m a professor of Economics at a liberal arts college I thought building a business with my daughter would give her the summer job she wanted as well as a lesson in economics. We provide mouthwatering BBQ and a complete catering solution to hosts. We’re known for treating every host and their guests like they’re our own friends and family, which gives hosts the confidence to enjoy time with their own folks.

Most of all I’m thankful for the wonderful crew of helpers I’ve put together who are the key to the success of Doc E’s BBQ. My great crew helps deliver excellent service to our clients that aligns with our motto of “Get Your Yum On!”

Renowned throughout Minneapolis, MN, Doc E’s BBQ has a low and slow style that makes some of the tenderest, juiciest meats you’ve ever had. Sink your teeth into Texas-style brisket, St. Louis-style ribs, and fall-off-the-bone pork. Everything’s homespun including the sweet corn and creamy Carolina Slaw. 


There’s nothing we love more at Roaming Hunger than a holiday season full of office parties picking the best caterers we know to serve their favorite coworkers. A huge thank you to every single vendor we partner with for the care you put into your food and into each and every hosted event you’ve catered in 2023 so far. Keep roamin’ and let us know how we can support you even more heading into 2024. From us to you, our cup of gratitude is forever full!