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Dubbed the "City of Neighborhoods", Baltimore is a town of wide influence and diverse offerings. From Druid Hill Park to the Inner Harbor, and Mount Washington to Cherry Hill, there's more variety to be had here than in other cities combined. Most notably, that goes for the food too. Making Zagat's list of Top 30 Most Exciting Food Cities for 2017, Charm City's on the rise, with a fresh injection of young talent looking to make a splash. The innovation spills over to the food trucks here, which are better equipped than ever to extend the restaurant renaissance to the streets. Most notably, because of the recent strike-downs in regulations barring trucks from hot neighborhoods like Hampden and Federal Hill. Now it's easier than ever to light up your tastebuds and satisfy your cravings right on the sidewalk, no reservation required.

The Best Food Trucks in Baltimore

Charm Piggy

In Baltimore, there's clearly a favorite protein on the grill - pork. There's a squadron of food trucks ready to serve it up in more ways than Baltimore has hoods - and more importantly, all of them have really, really, REALLY great names.

  1. The Smoking Swine - As no-nonsense as BBQ comes, The Smoking Swine keeps things traditional, even letting you know in their mission statement, "we have no desire to be groundbreaking". But this food doesn't need to break anything to grab your attention. MUST TRY - Beef Short Rib; Flintstone-sized and recent star of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, this one's a show-stopper worth sitting down for.
  2. The Jolly Pig - Ranked #1 Food Truck by the Baltimore Sun, and winner of the RAM's "Maryland's Favorite Food Truck" award, The Jolly Pig has a more international bent - leading a pork world tour that fits in your hand. MUST TRY - Jamaican Jerk Pork Taco; slathered in jerk seasoning and touched up by fresh pineapple slaw, it's a foldable vacation you don't have to waste air miles on.
  3. Kommie Pig - If ribs aren't already your thing, Kommie Pig's here to fully indoctrinate you. A signature BBQ sauce makes them taste like none other in town, while hefty sandwiches pack a punch on the menu's bottom half. MUST TRY - Chernobyl; Ham, pulled pork and bacon, slathered in a tiger sauce/BBQ combo and slapped on a kaiser roll.
  4. Jurassic Pork - Emphasizing free-range, locally sourced-BBQ, Jurassic Pork delivers ginormous, carnivorous bliss in every bite, with a kick that takes three days to prepare, and a lot less time to love. MUST TRY - Brisket Bacon Bourbon BBQ; the truck's special sauce, doused over pork two ways and piled high on brioche.

Monumental Pies

Charm City's consistently underrated in a lot of ways, but maybe none moreso than pizza. Baltimore may not be spoken about in the same breath as New York or Chicago, but there's a newly-formed pizza tradition in this city that's gaining traction, along with sophistication. Thin is decidedly in, in staunch opposition to the old status quo (for over 75 years, Matthew's was the only big pizza game in town - with thick, airy crust and extra savory recipes), but there's twists on the trends being tossed around town - not just in snazzy pizzerias, but in the food trucks parked outside.

  1. BricknFire Pizza Company Mobile - BricknFire is a literal mobile wood-burning oven, hitched to a cart and capable of heating pies to 1000 degrees. What you get is Neapolitan taste faster than you can say "Neapolitan". Vegan and gluten-free options abound, giving you no excuses for not enjoying. MUST TRY - The Hippie; an all-veggie pie featuring the freshest seasonal produce from local farms.
  2. Pieces of Eight - Baltimore's first and only wood-fired pizza bus (dressed like a pirate ship at that) delivers a party wherever it docks, serving not only pizza, but wings, pretzels and all-day breakfast. MUST TRY - Captain Elbert; shrimp, sauce & ricotta, dusted down by Old Bay.
  3. Dizzy Cow Pizzeria - With a wood-burning oven onboard, Dizzy Cow crafts slow-fermented dough into artisan pies with hand-picked local ingredients. They keep recipes simple and the tastes outstanding, letting the meats, veggies and cheeses speak for themselves.MUST TRY - Frenchmen; The truck's signature, a sauceless pie with mozzarella and brie, topped off by figs and drizzled in honey and olive oil.
  4. Pizza di Joey - Importing classic NY style pies, Pizza di Joey was founded by a pizza-maker turned Navy vet (turned pizza-maker again) looking to serve up something different. Ingredients are largely local and organic, served by a staff of vets and disabled vets trained to make Maryland feel more like the Tri-State. MUST TRY - Santa Fe Chicken With Cilantro Lime Sauce - A southwestern detour for the menu that could quickly become your new center of gravity.

Other Notable Food Trucks in Baltimore

    Deddle's Mini Donuts - This dessert truck doesn't just sell Baltimore's finest mini-donuts, it also sells its most innovative - with combos like crushed Oreos and marshmallow, bacon/honey/caramel, and even spicy jerk chicken with cinnamon. There's also fresh lemonade and premium coffee to wash it all down.
  • The Haute Dog Carte - Elevating the hot dog from cart to high art, this truck's made its name with a menu of gourmet treats like the HD Signature, which takes a 1/4 lb. black angus dog and loads it up with bacon & onion marmalade, tomato & onion jam and authentic dijon mustard.
  • GoGanics - This cutting-edge food truck emphasizes fresh and organic, with a rotating menu flush with locally-sourced ingredients. Treat your body and tastebuds well; all in one stop.
  • GrrChe - Not just content to serve up Baltimore's best grilled cheese, GrrChe also loads up its menu with hearty soups, and its star attractions - massive lump crab melts on Texas toast.

Where to Find Food Trucks in Baltimore

As always, check out the live Baltimore food truck map above or on the Roaming Hunger app to find the most accurate, up-to-the-minute location info for all trucks listed, alongside countless more options.

Like we said earlier, it's been a busy time for food trucks in Baltimore. A law prohibiting trucks from operating within 300 ft of restaurants with similar cuisine was recently judged un-enforcable, paving brand new paths forward for vendors looking to expand business. On top of that, the city approved ten food truck zones around the city, compounding opportunities for mobile munchies. The zones can be found at:

  • Loyola University Maryland on Charles Street
  • Mt. Hope Drive at Wabash Ave
  • Rogers Station, MTA on the 4500 block of W. Rogers Ave
  • Penn Station on Saint Paul
  • Station North on the 200 block of E. North Ave
  • Franklin Street between Park & Howard
  • Sinai Hospital campus on the 2400 block of Cylburn Ave
  • Coppin State University campus on the 2500 block of W North Ave
  • University of Baltimore campus on the 1500 block of Maryland Ave
  • University of Maryland at Pine Street, between Vine & Fayette

And of course, to snag any of the trucks mentioned all for yourself, click HERE and get started. Food trucks are quickly changing tastes in the City of Neighborhoods, and they all taste better when they're driven straight to yours.

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