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About Las Vegas Food Trucks

The food truck scene in this city of sin is serving up some of the guiltiest pleasures in the country. Though one may be tempted to gorge on a Vegas buffet, they often leave your stomach feeling painfully heavy and your wallet feeling painfully light, so save that money for gambling and get your fix at one of their many delectable food trucks. Named one of the top 25 best hamburger joints in America by USA Today, the Slidin’ Thru truck offers a variety of different sliders ranging from a classic Plain Jane (with good old beef, cheese and ketchup) to a Barby slider that adds caramelized jalapeño, bbq sauce, and crispy onion strips to the mix. If you’re a vegetarian, no fear, they offer a Caprese slider as well. Another local favorite is Fukuburger. This truck cooks up Asian inspired burgers like the Tamago, which dresses a classic burger with a fried egg, crispy onions, and teriyaki flavors. You can also order a side of Jazz Fries that come topped with gravy and a special “crack sauce.” Fukuburger is so popular it has resisted conforming to the old adage – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - by opening up their own brick-and-mortar in Los Angeles. Despite strict laws regulating where and when Vegas food trucks can park, the city has agreed to designate some downtown parking spots to trucks. These locations include the Regional Justice Center, the Bonneville Transit Center, and Las Vegas City Hall. Check out our city map to start indulging.