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Food Trucks
Chicago has some of the nation's finest quality street food (and not just hot dogs, either). With endless amounts of mobile food vendors circulating the Windy City's downtown and suburb regions, there are always plenty of options for food truck finders. Curbside breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices can accommodate even the busiest schedules. If you're thinking "where can I find a food truck near me?", the answer is simple: right around the corner.

The Best Chicago Food Trucks

Chicago's food truck scene has grown exponentially following a city council vote a few years ago that made mobile food vending legal and regulated. Since then, vendors have been tapping into their creativity to craft gourmet street food that stands apart from the rest. The best food trucks in Chicago cater to all palates, featuring a variety of cuisines ranging from Latin-inspired dishes to American comfort food. Think: gooey grilled cheeses, juicy burgers and sweet breakfast treats.

Breakfast Trucks

Mobile breakfast vendors, primarily of the pastry variety, make morning meals a breeze. Chicago mobile food vending pioneers Beaver's Donuts and Doughnut Vault regularly dish out their doughnuts during the A.M. hours.

Other Notably Great Food Trucks

If you're searching for more savory fare, highly touted trucks like The Fat Shallot and Cheesie's churn out gourmet grilled cheeses and sandwiches daily. There is no shortage of Latin cuisine either, with 5411 Empanadas and Tamale Spaceship serving up food as creative as their names. Aside from serving the streets, many of these food trucks offer private catering services. If you want hot meals prepared on-site for your employees at the office or friends at a birthday party or wedding, click here to book a food truck.

Finding Food Trucks Near You

Whether your appetite comes from staring at The Bean or from fighting that winter chill, you can always count on Roaming Hunger's map above for current food truck, cart, and trailer locations. You're likely to find mobile food trucks in a few key areas; If you're looking for trucks rolling out to the suburbs, try Schaumburg, Elgin, and Naperville farmer's markets and breweries. You can find more suburb-anchored vendors like Amanecer Breakfast Tacos in Evanston. Downtown proper hosts the majority of mobile food vendors in close proximity to you and to each other. Locations like Millennium Park, Hyde Park, The Loop, and Willis Tower usually have multiple vendors operating simultaneously. The only problem you'll have is choosing which food truck's line to hop into.