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Orlando, generally speaking, is a pretty happy place. Parts of it have technically been labeled the "happiest", if you will. With annual tourists approaching 70 million and counting, it's a city built to entertain, and designed to take you both all around the world, and to worlds still undiscovered, all without ever leaving the sunshine state

Imagination's the magnet that keeps drawing international adventurers here, and it's also the fuel that keeps the city running. Conversely, it's also what keeps people fed here, locals and tourists alike. Orlando food trucks deliver unique whimsy that pairs well with any dish, and can transport you further than any ride. And with over 200 in operation, Orlando has the most food trucks per capita of any city, proving the whimsy here's rather popular in all areas of life.

The Best Orlando Food Trucks

For all the insane options available onboard food trucks in Orlando, sometimes you just need to simplify, go back to basics, and grab a classic burger. No fanciness. No insanity. And then if you change your mind, just order a really fancy, insane burger. It's a thought process that Treehouse Truck understands, no matter which decision you land on.

A menu of juicy, delectable burger options ranges from the simple kind (The All American) to the bacon-cheeseburger-smushed-between-two-Krispy-Kreme-grilled-cheese-doughnuts kind(GC Luther). Both classic and chicken Phillies dominate the menu's back half, while the truck's signature seasoned fries (both in regular and truffle-garlic varieties) are ranked amongst the best in town by all the locals. It all adds up to classic comfort that redefines what classic means. And if you're still a little fuzzy, just finish it all off with fried Oreos. That should really clear things up for you.

American Adventureland

Orlando's all about taking you places - specifically places that look and feel a whole lot like other places. No matter where you go in Orlando, there's a food truck waiting to take you a whole lot further than you can imagine, from southern comfort rooted beyond Florida, to Northern seafood bliss, and everything in between. Hop up to these trucks, and watch your expectations disappear behind you, all without moving an inch.

SMAC Food Truck serves up mac & cheese in rich, South Carolinian style. Layers of southern seasoning make this a gourmet mac that bites back, finished with ingredients ranging from pulled pork to burger meat to lobster and buffalo chicken. Turns out South Carolina's a portal to quite a few places all on its own, and every place it extends to tastes better melted under cheese. Meanwhile, The Pastrami Project imports New York deli taste to the sunshine state, with sandwiches piled as high as the truck itself, alongside breakfast options that'll give you a reason to skip snooze and wake up in a New York state of mind. Even if the first thing you see's palm trees.

If New York's still not far enough away for you, keep traveling north with Monsta Lobsta, which delivers New England freshness with every bite; specifically with their authentic Maine lobster rolls. Blue crab, clam chowder and rotating specials fill out the options, and will fill you out too if you're lucky enough to catch them out. Just think of it like fishing - only like, the theme park version, with none of the effort and all the reward.

Universal Fusion

The only thing that's better than traveling somewhere far via food is traveling to two places at once via food. That's just basic logic. Fusion's been a staple of food truck culture since it launched, with flavors that blend effortlessly with each other, crafting experiences that are one of a kind - no matter how many cuisines went into them.

Caro-Bama BBQ keeps its reach specific - specifically BBQ that is, blending the traditions of its husband/wife team's respective homes into pulled pork, brisket and chopped chicken. Alabama white sauce sits comfortably next to Carolina vinegar and mustard sauces - until they mix of course. And once that happens, comfort turns into pure cross-state pleasure. Even when you're eating it in another state entirely.

ChiPhi joins together two of the most serious food towns in America, bonded by a mutual love of steak on sandwich. It's an easy love to relate to. Chi-town dogs and polish sausages vie for your tastebuds versus stacked Phillies and pizza steak sandwiches. No matter which city wins, you'll walk away champ. On the flip side, Sushi & Seoul on the Roll takes you to the other side of the globe entirely - before folding that globe over itself for your pleasure. A mouth-wattering array of sweet & spicy Korean specialties like rice cakes and pork belly donuts get buoyed up by a full roster of sushi rolls, from classic to avant-garde, giving you a full continent's worth of flavor from only two countries. Even the math's magic in Orlando.

Other Notable Orlando Food Trucks

Recently-crowned best food truck in Orlando by the Orlando Sentinel, Peru Power Food Truck provides some of the tastiest, most vibrant sandwiches in Florida, from traditional Pan con Chicharron to lack of a better word) Salchiburguer, which tops its burger patty with hot dogs, potato sticks, fried egg, mustard and golf dressing. Tacos, stuffed potatoes and - as a light alternative - veggie quinoa, all support the main attraction, with flan serving as a perfect endnote.

If your sweet tooth's leading the way forward, Little Blue Donut Company's on hand to make sure it lands somewhere nice. Several somewheres nice, actually. Somewheres like maple bacon doughnuts, salted caramel doughnuts, or custom-designed doughnuts. But if that's cutting to the sugary end of the story, rewind and hit up Bem Bom first - it's an award-winning Portuguese food truck that traffics in exotic tacos and quesadillas, on top of a braised pork prego that's one of a kind, and spiced like a dream. In fact you might be moved to pinch yourself once you taste it. Just don't - you'll be wasting time better spent eating.

Where To Find Orlando Food Trucks Near Me

Check out the live Orlando food truck map above or on the Roaming Hunger app to find the most accurate, up-to-the-minute location info for all trucks listed, alongside countless more options.

Again, Orlando's per capita population of food trucks dwarfs literally every other city in the world, so chances are you won't have to do a whole lot of walking to find one, but should you still wish to narrow your search, downtown Orlando's positively thriving. Specifically the Milk District is always packed with most of the options listed above on any given day.

Venturing further south, Williamsburg and adjacent neighborhoods host a steady supply of food trucks in their own right, sprung from a late-night Latin food culture where taco trucks have always been a mainstay. Now that the next generation of food trucks have arrived, these streets remain as packed as ever, with old and new co-existing, ready to take your mouth to places near, places far and places that haven't even been invented yet. Those are just the sort of possibilities that come standard here. Might explain the whole happiness thing.