7 Taco Trucks Re-Inventing Corporate Catering for Los Angeles

Working in Los Angeles has its obvious benefits – beach, sun, sand, views and tacos.  Not necessarily in that order.  In fact definitely not in that order.  If you happen to be in charge of office catering, you’ve already failed if you neglect your surroundings.  Or more specifically – your tacos.  But figuring out where to start can be the challenge here as the number of taco trucks here rivals the number of palm trees.  To help you out, we’ve collected a roster of trucks you can’t refuse.  

No matter what kind of office you work in, from Santa Monica startup to Century City law firm, there’s a perfect option out there, customized to make you look like a genius to your coworkers.  We’re not saying you aren’t already, we’re just saying you’re going to look like one after this.  And that’s what counts (this is still LA, after all).

Tacos Super Gallito

This fleet of authentic, old-school LA taco trucks is omnipresent from the Eastside to the Westside, and is perfect for adding a little fire to any cold office – from law firms to banks to consulting.  A classic roster of Mexican street favorites sets the foundation for all who step up – from tacos to quesadillas, with no twists and no frills.  No matter your office, location, or specialty, Tacos Super Gallito’s got the stuff to help you celebrate simply living and working in Los Angeles.  The large batch of trademark salsas run from mild to volcanic, giving your tongue options for punishment as well as pleasure.  The kind of punishment you’ll like of course – not the kind inspired by your drive on the 405.

Border Grill

While a taco truck’s an instant way to kick off your co-workers’ heels, not all heels in this town are meant to be kicked off.  Especially in Beverly Hills (Manolo Blahniks scuff easily).  If you’re booking taco catering for a high-end boutique agency, or simply a high-end boutique, chances are your boss may require gourmet options to match the gourmet optics.  Thankfully, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken’s Border Grill has a food truck ready to serve even the most discerning of tastes.  The largely organic, local and sustainably-sourced menu elevates the taco truck experience to a level resembling fine dining, and leaves no room for maintenance.  Low or high.

Oaxaca on Wheels

By contrast, say you work for a design firm in the Arts District.  No less fancypants than Beverly Hills, but a different breed of fancy altogether.  The commerce in these offices tends to be authenticity, not luxury.  Not that that’s any cheaper.  If vintage fashion, single-origin coffee, and a bike rack are all staples of your office, chances are this applies to you.  So when it comes to booking taco catering for your office Cinco party (assuming Cinco authentically falls on a real weekday of course), only premium realness will suffice.  Thankfully, that’s something Oaxaca on Wheels has in spades.  Genuine, vintage spades.  Oaxacan specialties like blue-corn quesadillas and tlayudas populate a menu that puts exotic tradition first… and maybe, well just maybe a little mass comfort (like carne asada fries) second.  After all, chances are your boss’ genuine, reclaimed leather strap is still attached to an Apple watch.

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Rasta Taco

LA’s work ethic may be impressive, but it’s always paled by comparison to its party ethic.  Especially in Hollywood.  Any halfway decent office party should thus be able to outdo your workweek.  Again, especially in Hollywood.  Rasta Taco can help by not only providing world-class taco catering with Caribbean accents for your PR agency’s mixer, but by supplying the party itself.  Rasta Rita, its sister truck, tosses up margaritas from the back of a vintage, 1965 GMC step-up van, mixed by professional bartenders and customized in flavors ranging from Strawberry Basil to Jalapeño-Cilantro and Rosemary.  In other words, it’s able to please even the hardest of workers.  Slash partiers.  Giving all your coworkers one hell of a Hollywood ending.

Ricky’s Fish Taco

Dietary preference can be a tricky thing in LA when it comes time to plan your corporate catering.  In a city with this many health conscious (and er…specifically body conscious) individuals, it’s safe to assume – especially if you work for, say, a styling firm on Melrose or a downtown fashion start-up, chicken, steak and pork might not always be in vogue.  And yet – tacos can still save the day.  Ricky’s Fish Tacos are a pescatarian’s dream come true, delivering conscious comfort with Ensenada bite.  Ricky’s fish and shrimp delicacies are the stuff of Silverlake lore, with an award-winning batter that defies logic and reason to flood your tastebuds with unequaled flavor.  Ricky’s is the kind of east side institution even west side scenesters will love – especially those who exercise preference.


Los Angeles is hardly a city for the timid.  Not when it comes to living here, and certainly not when it comes to working here.  The best and the brightest come to take chances in industries that move fast and require risks.  Naturally, young professionals here all want to be the first to try the city’s weirdest and wildest trends.  So when it comes time to order office catering for your Silicon Beach start-up, you better make sure the tacos are as bold as your coworkers.  And you better make sure they look great on Snapchat (especially if you’re working for Snapchat). Huitlacoche’s titular speciality isn’t for the timid either – it’s corn smut – or more specifically, a fungus that grows on the ears of corn, and it’s a protein-loaded Mexican delicacy.  Kind of like a truffle.  You can get it in any of the taco truck’s offerings, from tacos to tortas, and no matter how it’s served, it makes for an adventurous dish that always rewards the risk (and most importantly, looks great on your timeline).

Hang 10 Tacos

If you work in TV development, chances are you hear more than a few of the same pitches, day in and day out.  The most popular theme in town tends to revolve around life in one specific city – Los Angeles.  LA’s a town that loves few things more than writing about itself.  And talking about itself.  And looking at itself.  Fill in the blank really, so long as it ends with “itself”.  So when it comes time to book corporate catering for the whole network, just pretend you’re pitching a show, and serve LA to… itself.  Hang 10 Tacos is a taco truck built to honor all of SoCal – or at least the parts you can surf from.  From Malibu to Palos Verdes, Hang 10 gives you diverse signature tacos for diverse beaches, with ingredients ranging from pulled pork to battered scallops (and of course, a bevy of traditional ingredients too).  It all tastes heavenly, and it all tastes like LA.  Same thing, really.  But we don’t have to tell you that; you live here.

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