Sweeten Up Your Office Catering With These Dessert Trucks

Endurance is a funny thing.  It can swing wildly from one workday to another, with energy coming out of the blue some days, and vanishing to the same place on others.  One thing that generally remains constant, however, is the post lunch crash that happens between 1pm and 4pm.  No matter how much willpower you’ve got, that dreaded time of day will come for you (unless of course you eat a healthy lunch).  And once it hits, a boost is necessary to reach the finish line with your sanity intact.

Presented below are nine Los Angeles dessert trucks that can deliver the sweetest corporate catering you’ve ever tasted.  Not to mention just the perk you need to finish the day the same way you started – with endurance to spare. So no matter what your company does or where in LA you are, from Century City law firm to Santa Monica startup, there’s no better way to celebrate your team than one of the trucks below.

Marcel Waffles

Marcel provides the kind of corporate catering more at home in Brussels than Los Angeles, with world-class waffles finished off with gourmet toppings like strawberries, Belgian chocolate, marshmallows and pink monsters.  Perfect for the design firm with European flair that wants to bring their brand to living, chewing life.  Let your clients catch the whole office staying on theme, and more importantly, remind your co-workers that importing inspiration beats growing it at home.  When it comes to big design, and when it comes to big dessert.

Dreamy Creations

Cupcakes are kind of a big deal in Los Angeles (maybe the ATMs full of them tipped you off).  And it’s not hard to see why – they’re big flavor in small packages, letting your tastebuds run wild without weighing the rest of you down.  For that reason, it’s the kind of snack most appreciated by people who can relate – huge personalities; small frames.  We hear fashion PR tends to attract just such a vibe.  Do the whole office some good and order corporate catering from Dreamy Creations, whose custom, gourmet cupcakes (including a bevy of gluten-free options, naturally) will soothe fried nerves and client drama alike to deliver a moment of peace for the whole office.  A small moment, maybe – but one hiding big impact.

Dream Pops

Your Silicon Beach start-up’s on the frontier of a bold new world, and likely packed with the kinds of over-achievers who’ve seen it all (the better to create what’s never been done, of course).  So when it comes time to spike their blood sugar, don’t retreat from the edge, pull from it instead.  Dream Pops’ corporate catering teleports Berlin futurism to Los Angeles, with Michelin chef-crafted popsicles 3D-printed into impossible, incongruous shapes.  Each pop is packed with superfoods that’ll do as much good for your body as they will for your tongue, making it the kind of treat no one on your team has ever seen before, let alone tasted.  Which for this job, is kind of a big deal.

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Los Angeles has a reputation for being a shallow town – all flash, no substance.  But that’s not entirely fair.  Let’s not discount flash.  Flash is fun.  Flash is functional.  In fact sometimes flash is all the substance that you need, if it’s flashy enough.  Your events company probably gets it – from setting up Boomerang photo booths to designing themed cocktails that are basically just margaritas with really fun names (and are thus a whole lot more fun to drink).  For the office that values the substance of flash, book Heartschallenger for corporate catering.  They’ll deliver classic, packaged frozen favorites that’ll satisfy your nostalgia.  Far more importantly, the truck itself is built to dazzle – covered from bumper to bumper in Swarovski crystals, the party starts when it arrives and only gets crazier from there.  Karaoke, prizes, and spontaneous art are all part of the experience, giving you reasons to stick around long after you’ve unwrapped your drumstick.  Book Heartschallenger, and you’ll be booking flash that’s not just functional – in an office like yours, it’ll be downright inspirational.

THE Bakery Truck

Not a typo, THE Bakery Truck wants you to know they mean business, right in their name. Exclusively dishing out organic, vegan recipes using quality ingredients, it’s got a roster of sweet treats that’ll have you wholesomely blissed out from ear to ear. Gluten-free is another big focus, helping a large portion On top of that, the truck’s got an eco-conscious core, from solar panels fueling its travels to compostable packaging that leaves no trace behind. It’s as guilt-free as you can get in a situation that ends with devouring brownie cookies and churro doughnuts. For the office where allergies block a whole lotta fun, this is THE way to go for dessert catering.


Not all offices are created equal – and within all offices, not all desks are created equal either.  Specifically when it comes to the AC.  So when 4:00 hits your finance department, the cravings vary from desk to desk.  Those getting blasted with the AC are gonna want it hot, and those drenched in sunlight from the back window are gonna want it cold.  Booking the Chunk-N-Chip food truck can satisfy every sweet tooth, no matter what temp.  Fresh, oven-warm cookies smush cold, wholesomely prepared ice cream into the kind of sandwiches that feel good in any spot.  Ice cream flavors range from French Toast to lavender-blueberry to stout beer s’mores, while cookie varieties include buttermilk-honey biscuit, champagne and espresso.  Altogether you can create the combo of your dreams, and march back to the office not just recharged, but finally comfortable – no matter what the thermostat says.

The Pudding Truck

In a lot of literal ways, Los Angeles feels like the fountain of youth, and we’re not just talking plastic surgery.  Between early morning weekday raves, a downtown sky slide and a museum of ice cream, there’s no lack of ways to return to childhood here, if only for a moment.  Of course, if you work in kids’ entertainment, all this is to your benefit.  Bolster the whole office’s youth for an hour and book The Pudding Truck for corporate catering, which lets you order the classic treat, made better than you even remember, and top it off with decadent toppings like brown butter vanilla wafers and IPA chocolate sauce.  By the time they’re done, the animators will be more animated, the writers will be more whimsical and the whole office will be looking a whole lot younger – with or without the Botox.

The Butcher’s Daughter

As brutal as the afternoon sweet cravings can be, it’s worth noting more than a few offices in LA are – shall we say – dessert averse.  For instance, should you find yourself ordering office catering for your health and wellness website’s staff, it might look bad booking a donut truck while your think-piece on carb detoxing’s still getting typed.  But there’s more than one way to boost your blood sugar.  The Butcher’s Daughter is a truck that defies titular expectations to deliver plant-based relief for your hunger, from salads to avocado toast to vegan pastries.  More relevantly, they’ve got a host of smoothies and pressed juices made to lift your mood without expanding your waist.  Play by the rules your own website types and grab a truck that’s as wholesome as it is delicious.  In fact, you might just be satisfied enough to skip that secret donut on the ride home.

Boba Tea & Me

The one thing we’ve maybe neglected to mention about that 4:00 slump hour – by that time, you’re probably ready to leave already.  Of course, if you find yourself working at, say, an agency that gets slammed from 3-6, getting out a reasonable hour involves a whole lotta typing, calling, yelling, paper shuffling, and possibly crying.  So if you’re gonna get a sweet kick to power you through the rest of your day, it might have to be one entirely sealed in a cup.  Boba Tea & Me can deliver any number of delicious boosts, all 100% drinkable, and thus easy to consume while you juggle the dying madness of the (rapidly yet all too slowly) ending day.  Creamy teas and shakes get finished with tapioca pearls that’ll give you moment after moment of quick bliss…all through a straw, while the rest of you does whatever you need to get out the door.

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