The Corporate Catering Guide for Santa Monica Startups

Santa Monica, CA: an idyllic beachfront where the sea is crystal blue, palm trees sway in the breeze, the pier is spectacular, and skateboarders and bodybuilders captivate suntanned audiences. While you’re presented with a laid back scene, this West Coast paradise also means serious business… because it happens to be the 3rd largest tech hub in the country. 

Just as Silicon Valley was formed by a surge of energy, capital, and inspiration, that same magic has rippled its way down the Pacific coast to Santa Monica and surrounding areas, a.k.a. “Silicon Beach.” Home to ZipRecruiter, Dollar Shave Club, the Honest Company, and of course Snapchat, as well as many other world-famous startups.

While there are thousands of startups throughout Silicon Beach and beyond, a famous trait that they share is being quite generous in the perk department. Startups are run by hardworking teams who are kept busy with constant growth, change, and new challenges. Incentives to get the job(s) done range from ping pong tables in the break room to group meditation to flexible vacation time, and of course, the most popular perk of all: corporate catering (AKA free food). Things get even more exciting (and efficient) when corporate catering comes from a gourmet food truck. And that’s where our little startup comes in.

Whether you prefer drop-off catering inside the office or curbside service, we’re talking fresh homemade food served super fast. We at Roaming Hunger, in West Hollywood, wish to hook our Santa Monica neighbors up with a few of Los Angeles’ best food trucks. All of these trucks blew us away with their food and service. They each complemented the pace, appetite, and atmosphere of our office, and we’re confident you’ll love them just as much as we did.

Baby’s Badass Burgers

At most startups, Casual Friday comes five days a week. Thanks to the tech industry’s modern emphasis on support and efficiency, we live in a corporate future where CEOs rule open offices while rocking a hoodie and flip flops. In Santa Monica, where weather year-round is of dream-like conditions, this particular facet of startup culture is especially convenient. You can take a morning walk on the beach and head straight to your keyboard without having to bring along a change of clothes/identity. The Baby’s Badass Burgers truck and team emanates this same breezy vibe and casual attitude, and it totally works with your t-shirts and jeans. Plus, a burger tastes so much better when you’re not worried about about crispy bacon, homemade condiments, or melted cheese staining your overpriced new pantsuit. 

Farmer’s Belly

Santa Monica is one of the most environmentally active and friendly cities in the world. It’s even on the fast track to becoming completely energy independent by 2020. Sharing this love of our planet and this desire to make it a healthier place is the Farmer’s Belly food truck. Their menu is made entirely of local organic non-GMO ingredients, and includes smoked salmon and avocado salad, BLT sandwiches with smoked applewood bacon and fresh slices of heirloom tomato on farmers market sourdough, and many other crave-able specialties. Honor your town’s devotion to sustainability (all while maintaining your Muscle Beach bod) with healthy catering for the entire office.

Hungry Nomad

Along with Silicon Beach’s tech scene, Hungry Nomad is another great Californian product comprised of elements from all over the world. Here we have Lebanese/Armenian salads, wraps, sandwiches, all made with authentic family recipes, and perfected with Californian inspiration. Thank your employees’ hard work with the Chicken Pesto sandwich with provolone cheese, sundried tomato, avocado and pesto aioli on a warm roll, and allow your tastebuds to take a journey.

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Keep It C’asian

A startup is a visionary endeavor. A business model that is made to evolve quickly requires a certain level of imagination and a diverse set of talents to see it through. That’s where Keep It C’asian keeps things real. When you get a taste of their menu, which fuses Asian and Cajun flavors and traditions to make unbelievably scrumptious recipes…you will feel a strong appreciation for the beauty that is made by embracing creativity. For example, the C’Asian Eggrolls filled with a seasoned mixture of ground pork, crawfish, black-eyed peas, and greens… it’s food like this that reminds you that anything is possible.

The Original Grilled Cheese Truck

Most people in Santa Monica are probably familiar with the Food Truck Lot, where a fantastic rotation of food trucks pull up to serve amazing dishes morning, noon, and night. Unfortunately, much of this time can be occupied by our heavy workloads. Now here’s the great thing about Roaming Hunger, instead of wistfully dreaming of fresh hot street food served at some faraway place, you can bring the Lot’s biggest hits, including The Grilled Cheese Truck, straight to your office’s curb with corporate catering… and you can skip the long line full of hungry strangers. You and your team get to share in a warm, comforting experience while eating a modern spin on a homemade classic: crispy, melty, fusion gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. This is “yum” at its finest.

Yeastie Boys

Meetings, deliverables, deadlines, and oh, you gotta get back to the accountant about that thing! You’re wearing all the hats and there is tons to do in so very little time. Allow Yeastie Boys to jump start your day by serving luscious loaded New York-style bagels to you first thing in the morning. We’re talking about breakfast catering, and with fillings like scrambled eggs, peppered bacon, cheese, smoked lox, gourmet schmears… your mouths and hearts will be full, and your drive to get it all done will be fueled. You got this.

Poke By Hawaii

Fresh, modern, healthy, delicious… of course Poke is yet another Pacific-themed trend that has really taken off. Not to mention the fact that you can build your bowl or wrap with one ingredient at a time. Salmon, tuna, fresh cucumbers, seaweed salad, edamame, sriracha, dried garlic, crispy onions, avocado, miso aioli… kind of reminds you of the team you work with, right? Each individual element is exciting and unique on its own. When they all come together- boom- watch out. You’ve unlocked pure potential, and now you get to see what it tastes like.

The Humble Crust

No matter how health-conscious you may be or how into new food trends you may feel… you just can’t beat pizza. In that spirit, one of the first lessons you learn at a startup (where setting priorities is of the highest priority) is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Here’s where Humble Crust comes in. Not only do they serve pizza, which is already fantastic, they serve the exact kind of pizza that you really crave with the type of simplicity that you really need: artisan toppings, flame-kissed crust, melted fresh cheese, and you get a whole pie to yourself.

One of LA’s Best Taco Trucks

If you’re a resident of Los Angeles, you can never go wrong with our taco trucks, if you know which one to choose that is. Problem is, there are so many great ones that picking on can be as hard as getting your Series A funding. Enter the solution: a entire article dedicated to some of the greatest trucks we’ve been blessed enough to try. Check out this list of taco trucks that can handle any office in Santa Monica, and beyond.

Are you looking to satisfy the office’s sweet tooth? Look no further than this article about dessert trucks that do office catering. Or if you’re gearing up for a big celebration or product launch, may we suggest these eight awesome trucks. Now why don’t you take a break and enjoy the perfect Santa Monica weather? After all, you just found the lunch for the team for the next year or two.