8 Los Angeles Caterers Perfect For Any Major Corporate Event

Your company is ready to launch an exciting new product, or maybe your company is about to launch itself, or maybe your movie is about to premiere. Whatever milestone you’re approaching, congratulations! You and your team have worked extremely hard to get here and now it’s time to let loose, celebrate, and show the world what you’ve been up to. 

Of course, before you start rolling out the red carpet, there’s much more work to be done. Atop everything else on your plate is a daunting new task: planning not just a spectacular party, but a unique and exciting platform to promote your business. There are many elements to consider, starting with the theme, music, and food. Oh my. But you can relax, it’s all good. We’re here to relieve you of as much of this stress as we can. First, check out our list below of 8 of Los Angeles’ best food trucks, all perfect for the job of catering your event. We’ve been lucky enough to have them here at Roaming Hunger and we could not have been more impressed by their selections and services. We’re confident that you’ll be in excellent hands with any of these. 

Secondly, we’ve made things even easier: just click right here to get booking. One of our agents will promptly get in touch to help guide you all the way to the food truck finish line. Okay, phew. You’re this much closer to party time.

Heritage LA

This is Executive Chef/Owner Charlie Hernandez’s second passion project after achieving street food stardom with the Farmer’s Belly Cafe and catering truck. Serving his signature modern fusion recipes, he and his team have prepared exquisite spreads for the likes of Nickelodeon, Disney, Sony, and many other high-profile clients. Now your company can be added to his A-list with just a click of a button. From filet mignon with cauliflower puree, to herb-crusted grass-fed lamb with mustard shallot sauce, to seasonal baked fruit pies, to cherry bourbon… their menu is all encompassing and is crafted with healthy, delicious, farm-fresh ingredients. Chef Charlie’s mission statement emphasizes the importance of a strong work ethic, respect, and honoring your heritage and health… this is just the kind of food truck you want to have around the office. 

The Carnival Truck

Work sometimes feels more like a circus. During busy season, take a look around and watch as everyone transforms into ring leaders, performing monkeys, jugglers, tightrope walkers (aka HR), and clowns (generally the good kind). Since you’re throwing a huge extravaganza, you might as well bring a truck that channels these exciting times. The Carnival Truck turns up the razzle dazzle everywhere it goes with classic-style flavors and fun. Known for being LA’s go-to for anything deep fried”, their menus and catering services are actually quite versatile, featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner served from chafing dishes, taco or salad bars, custom slider stations, and the list goes on. This truck can cater events of literally all types and sizes. Formal, casual, or whatever it takes to suit the vibe you’re going for. Options range from deep fried mini cinnamon rolls to seared duck with port wine reduction. On top of everything, this family-operated truck is super family-friendly, so you’ll sweeten your party by inviting the kids. Hey, it’s never too early to start networking.


You were handed the major responsibility of organizing this event because you’re the go-getter who will rock it. You’re meticulous, thoughtful, creative, and if there’s anyone who can thoroughly schedule legitimate fun, it’s you. But here’s an impossible challenge that every perfectionist must face at one point, and it usually leaves them shaking in their boots: choosing universally appealing food. The difficulty of trying to please everyone grows along with the guest list. There’s Steve, the avid carnivore in accounting, and you’ve also got to keep Susan in mind, the investor who avoids dairy for no other reason than to intensify her willpower. Let’s get this concern right out of the way for you now, because you’ve got WholeSam on your side. Their globally inspired menus are made from scratch with quality local ingredients, offering eclectic bowls, salads, and sammies. Since they’re fully equipped to suit any dietary restriction, no one will feel left out of this beautiful, hearty feast.

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Pico House

You want your event to be off the hook? Invite Pico House, the trendiest traveling house party in Los Angeles to cater. Most food trucks automatically boost your office’s curb appeal, but Pico House takes it to a whole nother level. This colorful truck is a feast for your eyes but wait till you look at the menu. The real masterpiece is their signature blend of ancient grains. It makes for a satisfying base for a variety of meats, veggies, house made pickles, fresh herbs, and more. Short rib with tomato chutney, meatballs with coconut curry, lamb with mint & goat cheese…hearty, healthy, heavenly bites in every bowl. This smashing hit of a food truck is run by a bunch of lifelong friends whose cool, collaborative vibes are basically contagious. If you consider your team to be pretty close, this truck is the perfect fit for your celebration. Book Pico House and raise office morale as high the roof.

Tender Grill Gourmet Brazilian Kitchen

Tender Grill gave us a great send-off into the holidays last winter when they catered our end-of-year recap/party. Their authentic Brazilian salads, sandwiches, and entrees were served fresh, hot, and flavorful. From the Picanha Steak Stroganoff Bowl with creamy tomato sauce and potato sticks, to the Catupireza Sandwich with smoked Brazilian sausage, gourmet smoked Catupiry cheese, and garlic aioli…their entire menu was completely satisfying in every way. After that wonderful meal from Tender Grill, we were more than ready for a few days of sweet holiday hibernation. 


This is not just any corporate event you’re planning. This isn’t a mandatory summer picnic or a modest end-of-quarter shindig… this is a momentous celebration of everything you all have achieved thus far. Your team has spent countless hours working together through thick and thin, hiccups and triumphs, and your mental montage of this should make your heart dance. You’ve earned the right to party hard and if you book the Heartschallenger truck, you’re upping your party’s joy factor just as much as its buzz factor. When it comes to LA dessert trucks, this dazzling, sparkling truck is literally a traveling rave.  It’s 100% decked out in Swarovski crystals, it blasts sweet, sugary pop beats and serves premium ice cream. It’s an interactive experience that leaves a delightful impression on each of your senses. Even better, Heartschallenger will help turn your guests into brand ambassadors by giving them every reason to hype your company.

Plant Food for People

While your company paves the way toward a better future, Plant Food for People pursues the same goal by serving 100% vegan cuisine. If you’re initially turned off by plant-based recipes, resist the urge to keep scrolling. Hear us out: yes, everything on the menu is vegan but it’s all extraordinarily delicious, healthy, and so hearty, you won’t even miss the meat. Their signature creation is the carnitas-style jackfruit tacos – marinated, seasoned and prepared to such perfection, you may surprise yourself when you declare these as your favorite tacos of all time. And trust us, we know the best Los Angeles taco trucks around. Book Plant Food For People for your next office catering and support a fellow revolutionary while feeding your guests right. 

Poke 2 Go

Our office truly loved every truck you see on this list. Now, Poke 2 Go… there’s something deep here. They were timely and considerate, and they served the highest quality, most delicious poke we have ever tasted. If you’re feeling extra pressure to make this event perfect, like maybe you’re expecting a ton of swanky suits to show up…whatever it is, rest assured that everything under Poke 2 Go’s control will go swimmingly. And whether you’d prefer drop off or curbside services, these meals are completely customizable, meaning everyone will get exactly what they want as they build their own bowls with their choice of rice, fresh fish, flavorful sauces, and other toppings. Everything about this truck is a win-win-win, which is exactly what you need. 

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