10 LA Food Trucks Re-Inventing Breakfast (and Making it Easier to Eat)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At least that’s what we’re told.  And it’s great advice, really.  Advice that tends to go unfollowed by the vast majority of the Los Angeles workforce. Tired, frazzled employees stumbling into the office with a coffee in hand and a bagel in mouth is the most acceptable morning ritual around.  

But just because something’s accepted doesn’t make it right.  Below, we’ve got a list of ten food trucks that have revolutionized breakfast for LA, making the day’s biggest meal tastier and more convenient, all at the same time.

Should you find yourself in charge of your office breakfast catering, consider it your chance to right some wrongs, and reject the unacceptable.  LA’s got a wealth of food trucks that won’t just feed your coworkers right, they’ll inspire them to do their very best work.

Yeastie Boys

For the office that wakes up on East Coast time

Working for a big deal, bi-coastal, we-run-this-town talent agency probably has its perks.  But it’s doubtful early morning conference calls with the New York office are one of them.  Feels like a safe assumption at least.  To get your coworkers in a NY state of mind, consider Yeastie Boys for breakfast catering.  

Run by a Brooklyn ex-pat, it’s a truck with the skills to pay the bills & a sure shot at tackling your morning cravings.  A full spread of east coast-style bagels, lox and loaded breakfast sandwiches could be just the thing to bridge coasts and get the whole room in the proper mood to discuss Broadway contracts and Law & Order residuals.  And even if it it isn’t, you’ll all have a delicious time trying.

Mana From Heaven


For the office that wakes up consciously

This being the West Coast, more than a few offices are stacked with the kinds of coworkers who collect all the glass bottles in the break room, just to make sure they’re recycled.  The kinds of coworkers who compost.  The kinds of coworkers who meditate at lunch.  The kinds of coworkers who care.  A lot.  If this sounds like your office, and it’s your job to order breakfast catering for the team, we might advise sticking to conscious comfort, and book Mana From Heaven, whose breakfasts have become legendary around town.

From the Melrose Farmer’s Market to block parties in the Arts District, it’s made its mark around town, sourcing fresh ingredients to make hearty, crowd-pleasing favorites that’ll wake all your coworkers up in sustainable, sustained fashion.  Even the ones who are already woke.

The Rooster

For the office that wakes up thinking about the details

It’s the details that count, the little things.  Your company can’t succeed here without nailing them. Maybe you work for a classic LA design firm – you know, the type that holds a 3 hour brainstorm session on the distance between letters in the new company logo.  And has a dedicated Slack channel to pitch which order the monthly magazines should be stacked in.  You know, that kind of classic.  If you’re the one ordering breakfast catering for this perfectly feng shui’d office, you’d better have a breakfast that hits all the same nuance.  

The Rooster, helmed by a Chopped contestant with a special talent for breakfast innovation, fits the bill nicely.  French Toast dipped in pancake batter, a breakfast burrito punched up with tots and cilantro crema, and a Wagyu breakfast burger form just the tip of the impeccably-curated menu. Book them for the next early morning meeting on what printer paper to order, and show the team just how big the little things can taste.

Bring a food truck to your office. Get started here.

The Garbage Truck

For the office that wakes up extra hungry

Despite the stereotypes, some people in Los Angeles do actually eat.  In fact, some people in LA eat enough to make up for the rest of the city.  Should you find yourself on a set full of stuntmen, or simply in an ad agency full of Crossfitters, a weak breakfast isn’t going to cut it.  It’s time to bring in the heavy machinery.  The Garbage Truck hauls New York-style garbage plates to the West Coast, loaded with more food per square inch than Instagram influencers in a branded VIP section.  But the truck’s breakfast stands out even further, with generous portions (to put it lightly) built to fill.  

The breakfast trash wrap (sausage, eggs, hot sauce and cheese) and the trash burger (bacon, fries, mac salad and meat hot sauce) will leave even your most voracious coworkers stuffed to their max.  Don’t let anyone tell you this town doesn’t know how to eat.  Or maybe do – then use the opportunity to correct them. It’s a lesson the whole office will benefit from.  Maybe just schedule a midday nap after.

Urban Espresso

For the office that just needs to wake up

On the flip side, let’s be real – while big league eaters do exist in this town, they’re still in the minority.  In general, Los Angeles puts workmanship before replenishment, which seems noble until you can’t work anymore.  But while the importance of food may still be a work in progress for your co-workers, the importance of coffee’s lost on no one. Especially on gigs that approach 24 hour status.  Should you find yourself in event production, for instance, it could be wise to prepare for the grueling task of award show prep by rewarding the whole office early – before a single rope and stanchion has been packed.  

Urban Espresso delivers premium caffeination that’ll get everyone buzzing – along with premium eats too.  You know, eating – it’s that thing you might forget to do until the podium’s broken down at 12:35 AM.  Omelettes and breakfast burritos lead off a menu that’ll get the whole team fed in style, before they bring that style to the red carpet. Need more creative ways to feed people on set? We got you.

LA Donut Truck

For the office that wakes up dreaming of a happy ending

No one said work is supposed to be fun (except at our office), but some days are rougher than others.  Some days you wake up to a mountain of work, and a chasm of tough decisions.  Like should you find yourself on the post-production crew for a film that’s slowly sapping your life away, you might need a little something extra to get through day 83 of FX editing.  For the same scene you’ve already spent 82 days on.  A typical breakfast won’t cut it.  You need something to help you cut to the happy ending, so to speak, to ensure a happy ending comes together for your movie too.  

The LA Donut truck can provide just such a temporary finale, with gourmet donut creations topped with ice cream, cereal, and a host of options in-between.  It’s a sweet beginning to your morning that’ll wake up your inner child and keep it up for the rest of the day, adding imagination to your work that everyone will feel on the other side of the screen.  You know… eventually.  Whenever the work’s done.

The Beignet Truck

For the office that wakes up Creole style

Meanwhile, if your movie’s post-production crew has a lot of holdovers from the production crew, you might want a side of nostalgia to go with your sweet relief.  Take everyone back to the days of shooting on location in New Orleans four months ago, back when this job still felt like summer camp; before it all turned to a daily office grind, by grabbing breakfast catering from The Beignet Truck.

 It delivers sweet creole doughnuts simple and pure, topped with drizzles of caramel and chocolate and finished with a fresh blast of powdered sugar.  Along with whatever else you choose. Pair your morning marvel with an iced latte and for at least 20 minutes, feel like it’s Fat Tuesday again.  Then get back to color correction.  Since the latest cut’s due on Tuesday.

Crepes Bonaparte

For the office that wakes up however they like

While sweet treats make for a sweet morning, others gather strength from life’s more savory things.  But that’s more of an opportunity than a problem.  A startup’s team, for example, is only strengthened by conflicting viewpoints.  So while you’re gathering your coworkers’ heads together for the next big pitch, it’s important to please their collective stomachs.  By offering options.  

Crepes Bonaparte provides two in one breakfast catering by hitting you with equally dazzling sweet and savory crepes.  Whether your mood is more Huevos Rancheros or more Bananas Foster, there’s a flavor with your name on it, waiting to start your own, individual day exactly how you like.  Sometimes clashing tastes create beautiful results.  It’s true for your next campaign, and more importantly – it’s true for your company’s mouths.


For the office that wakes up wholesomely

Your lifestyle & wellness company might be good at advice, but its advice is probably better when it practices what it preaches – namely healthy living and clean eating.  So if you’re in charge of breakfast catering, don’t be the jerk that orders ham & cheese croissants.  Start the whole office’s day off right with Amazebowls, which packs an online essay’s worth of nutrition into a single meal.  

Amazebowls’ purple truck carries near-endless combos of acai bowls that look just as pretty as they taste.  They’ll inspire you to do your best writing in the morning and your best crow pose at lunch.  Book Amazebowls for the office & help your company take care of itself.  Food-wise, at least.  Finding the hottest trends in organic face cream’s still on you.

Manini Kine Grindz

For the office that wakes up like no one else

It’s hard to stand out in Los Angeles, a city where everyone wants to be different.  Just like everyone else.  So if you happen to be at a company that genuinely thrives off the unique – like a PR firm that throws rooftop safari parties in K-town and plans 3 AM flash mobs to announce a new iOS app, chances are you take pride in standing out.  So much so that you refuse to settle for anything less than the oddest option available, in any aspect of your day to day office life. Starting with breakfast.  

Book Manini Kine Grindz for breakfast catering and you’ll be getting a truck unlike any other in LA, enriching tongues through a Hawaiian/Korean fusion that veers close to comic book fantasy food.  The Unicorn Drops, for instance, take fried ube and strawberry mochi, and top them off with condensed milk and fruity pebbles, scrambling your senses before a single bit hits your tongue.  Any day that starts off with them in your mouth is destined to be a little… different.  Which, at a job like yours, simply translates to mission accomplished.  Good job.

Are you looking for an amazing lunch to follow-up your breakfast catering? Look no further than this article about seven lunches perfect for any LA office. Or if you’re gearing up for a big celebration or product launch, may we suggest these eight awesome trucks. And finally, if you’re looking for exclusively traditional Los Angeles lunch catering, you’ve got to learn about your many taco truck options. Happy eating!