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About San Francisco Food Trucks

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...and check out the fantastic food trucks everywhere...

The Bay Area is absolutely bursting with the best food trucks. They're zigzagging all through the steep streets, offering a variety of cuisines that stretch as far as the Golden Gate Bridge.

SF’s World Famous Food Trucks

With San Fran’s iconic foodie reputation, it’s no surprise that its top trucks are nationally recognized. Take Sam’s Chowdermobile, for example. Not only are the sandwiches, bisques, and tacos from this bustling red truck acclaimed by every local publication, but the whole country was introduced to its incredibly tasty seafood selection by the Cooking Channel (Eat St.), TLC (Best Food Ever), Zagat (rated Top 12 Food Truck), and the list goes on.

Garden Creamery, with its utterly scrumptious ice cream, pops & sandwiches, and vegan sorbet, has also achieved ultimate food truck fame. Everything they offer is crafted in small batches with the finest ingredients, and with innovative flavors such as Strawberry Pretzel, Mexanilla Mango, and Spiced Chai (just to name a few), locals claim that this truck is where you’ll find the best dessert in the whole city, let alone the streets.

Another favorite among the San Franciscans is Hiyaaa! Their signature “Kor*Chi*Viet” fusion sandwiches all pack a karate kick of flavor, from the tender Spicy Pork to the mouthwatering Vegetarian with lemongrass-marinated mushrooms.

With tons of amazing options like these, everyone from The Mission to The Financial District is loving this thriving food truck scene. These trucks love their hungry customers right back. It’s especially apparent when they unfailingly show up to serve, no matter how unpredictable the weather.

You too can share in the love for SF street food when you check out the map above and set yourself up with your next tasty meal.