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About New Orleans Food Trucks

In the Big Easy, everything happens on the streets; the music, the festivals, and now the food. N'awlins is the perfect city to house a rapidly expanding food truck industry because of its hot weather and lively outdoor atmosphere, not to mention New Orleans is well known for its food, particularly its Creole cuisine and seafood. One seafood favorite is Drago’s Truck which is known for its succulent charbroiled Oysters, among other delectable seafood menu items. If you’re more of a landlubber then check out the Taceaux Loceaux Truck. Though you may shy away from the idea of your average taco truck, their tacos are anything but ordinary. If you won’t take our word for it, just ask food and travel expert, Anthony Bourdain, who recently featured the truck on his show The Layover. Popular items include the Cartinal Knowledge taco (filled with juicy brisket) and the Messin’ With Texas pork taco. You can find food trucks individually outside of bars or in small groups at markets or festivals. Use the food truck map on our site to get the good food times rollin’.