8 Food Trucks for an LA Office Full of New Yorkers

New York and Los Angeles are about as different as you can get for two cities that share a whole lot in common.  Both cities are coastal, both attract ridiculously attractive people, and both are stuffed full of transplants.

Where it gets interesting is when LA grabs transplants from NY itself.  Whether you were born in Brooklyn then moved to a Santa Monica start-up, went to NYU before launching into a Hollywood agency, or are actively living the bi coastal dream (or nightmare) week by week with a PR firm, you find yourself part of a proud tradition.  It’s a tradition that changes the way you feel about transportation, nightlife, and food.  Most importantly food.

Booking corporate catering for a Los Angeles office full of NY expats, especially new ones, presents unique challenges, but twice as many opportunities – not just to please your east coast coworkers’ nostalgia, but to help them embrace their new home just a little bit harder.  Or a lot, really.  Booking a food truck is a chance to give them the best of what they thought they’d left behind, alongside the best of what they’ve suddenly gained.

Joe’s Pizza

Starting this conversation anywhere other than pizza would be a mistake.  Obviously.  If there’s one thing New York does better than any city in the world, it’s pizza.  If there’s one thing New York does better than anybody in the history of time has ever done anything, it’s pizza.  Just ask a New Yorker, they’ll confirm.  What they don’t tell you, of course, is New York pizza’s been in Los Angeles for a while now.

To be specific, Joe’s Pizza, arguably Manhattan’s greatest slice, has gone bi coastal, setting up shop in Los Angeles without missing a note.  In fact it’s creepy how much it tastes like the original.  Well, more delicious than creepy, but still – right down to the crust, this is a pie that’ll have you screaming at taxis and chasing subways in your mind when you bite in and close your eyes.  Which, to any ex-New Yorker, is something akin to inner peace.

Book Joe’s Pizza for office catering, and you’ll make your New Yorkers feel home again.  Until, you know, they walk outside and see sunlight, feel a warm breeze, all that awkward stuff. A testament to how good Joe’s Pizza really is? They’re one of our go-to trucks to spice up a Century City law firm.

Patty Wagon

On the flip side, Los Angeles might not be known as a self-made pizza mecca, but it happens to be the country’s best burger haven.  It’s the perfect marriage of farm-fresh ingredients and diversity of perspective that makes LA such green pastures for the comfort staple.

Book Patty Wagon’s corporate catering for your office full of New Yorkers, and show them how tasty green pastures can be.  Well, one degree removed, at least.  All beef is 100% grass-fed, and all ingredients are locally-sourced from SoCal farms, ensuring freshness all around, right down to the hand-cut fries.

Billionaire Burger Boyz

On the flip side of the flip side, like we said, diversity’s the other half of what makes Los Angeles’ burger scene unparalleled, and you can’t get much further from Patty Wagon’s understated, produce-forward approach to burger bliss than Billionaire Burger Boyz, who pile on the excess, grill it, then pile on some more.  Infusing their recipes with south LA soul, the food truck’s burgers are massive to begin with, before getting topped off with the likes of fried crawfish tail and crispy crab.  Then covered in sauce.  And finished with potato sticks.  It’s all pretty maximalist.

Ordering Billionaire Burger Boyz for corporate catering will show off the vibrant spectrum of burger options Los Angeles has in store, alongside a distinct backyard spirit that’ll make the whole office feel like family. Another thing this truck does exceptionally well? Jambalaya fries. For more exceptional fries, go here. 

Bring a food truck to your office. Get started here.


Deli food in New York ranks right under pizza as far as quintessential eats go, so it startles most expats to find a scene in Los Angeles that might not be as large, but whose best matches up effortlessly with NYC’s.  Canter’s, in particular, tends to fill the void left by the likes of Katz’s in a lot of New Yorkers’ hearts & stomachs, serving up deli classics from scratch like they’ve just been invented.

Now Canter’s has a food truck capable of bringing their best straight to you for corporate catering.  The food itself won’t just be mind-blowing for the east coasters in your ranks, the whole experience will illustrate LA’s greatest strength – good things tend to come straight to you, making them, well, much better things.

Wafl Truck

Food truck culture in general is a major advantage Los Angeles has over NYC.  It started here, after all.  But while tighter restrictions in New York have kept their scene from flourishing, they’ve still their share of success stories.  Wafels & Dinges, in particular, has slowly but surely taken over NYC’s sidewalks, ensuring there’s a whole lotta waffles in a whole lotta hands come 4pm snack time.

LA’s Wafl Truck does more than ship the trend west, it evolves it.  Authentic Belgian recipes create a canvas for edible art that takes on countless forms – from sweet, to savory to…well…a waffle burger (in case you forgot where you live now).  Picking them for corporate catering unites two different street cultures and serves them up together – finished any way you want ’em. Looking for some more sweet treats? We’ve got you covered.

Groundwork Coffee Truck

Of course, one thing both coasts can agree on, no matter where they stand on food, is the importance of coffee.  Namely, its very high importance.  New York may have its fair share of fancy cafes and single-origin sanctuaries, but LA has the slight edge with premium, homegrown (and SF import) coffeehouses that have become bona fide institutions.

Top of the heap is Groundwork, which now has a mobile espresso truck stocked with hot and cold beverages, alongside first-rate small bites that’ll wake everyone up in style.  It’s corporate catering that’ll build a truce between your office’s New York transplants and native Angelenos alike, before giving them the energy to fight again after lunch.

Poke 2 Go

Technically New York and Los Angeles are both cities on the coast, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the seafood.  As any sushi lover will tell you, the difference between cities is night and day, with LA’s fresh catches actually tasting….you know, really fresh.   Proof doesn’t need to be found any further than Poke 2 Go, which dishes out premium poke bowls as vibrant as they are raw.  Book their corporate catering & show the New Yorkers in your office how Pacific living tends to raise one’s seafood standards (to where they should have been all along).


Just like how we started, how we end this conversation should be no surprise.  Even if New Yorkers dispute everything you’ve read above, Los Angeles’ Mexican food is beyond undeniable – it’s synonymous with the city itself.  Even more so than that other city with that other big food staple.  See?  You’ve already forgotten it.

Street tacos here are good at erasing useless memories.  Maybe no other spot showcases Los Angeles’ distinct Mexican for a fresh transplant than Guisados, which takes traditional street tacos and dresses them up with gourmet twists, ranging from authentic to brand new.

Now Guisados has a food truck ready to take corporate catering to fresh new realms, particularly for the transplants in your office still adjusting to their new home.  Once they bite into these tacos, they’ll finally know that they’re not in Kansas anymore.  Or, you know, wherever it is they’re from.