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Beverly Hills is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in all of America. It's home to stars, prominent members of the entertainment industry, and social media influencers alike. The Golden Triangle, sandwiched between Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevard, features Rodeo Drive, perhaps the most famous shopping district in the world.  

If high fashion isn't in your wheelhouse, try one of Beverly Hill's numerous parks. Known as the "Garden Spot of the World," Beverly Hills is home to at least half a dozen public parks. From Garden Park's beautiful fountains and lush vegetation, to the family friendly environment of Roxbury Memorial Park, Beverly Hills represents LA in all its beauty and splendor. 

The Beverly Hills area is a destination for people looking to get a taste of the high life, but no visit to the 90210 would be complete without sampling the area's diverse street cuisine. No matter your tastes, you'll find some great food trailers, food carts, and food trucks in and around Beverly Hills.

The Best Food Trucks in Beverly Hills

Taco Trucks

Daniel's Lunch Truck makes some of the best tacos, burritos, and tortas in the entire Beverly Hills area. While Daniel's Lunch Truck travels around the greater LA region, it most often makes its home at the intersection of Comstock Ave and Strathmore Drive on the other side of the Los Angeles Country Club. Stop by and sample a wide range of unique dishes with a Latin flair. 

Looking for a taco alternative? El Chato's Taco Truck patrols the area around Mid-Wilshire Tuesday through Saturday. Featuring authentic Mexican tacos and burritos, El Chato's has been rated the best taco truck in all of Los Angeles. 

Italian Food Trucks 

If you're in the mood for authentic Italian food on the go, Sugo Italiano has you covered. Sugo Italiano brings you real dishes straight from the heart of Milan. There's only one catch: Sugo Italiano is so popular that it can be hard to tie down where they'll be. You can catch them all the way from Santa Clarita to Compton. To find out when they'll be in Beverly Hills, check their weekly schedule on Instagram. 

Dessert Trucks 

In the mood for something sweet rather than savory? Head over to the WAFL truck located just outside of downtown Beverly Hills. The WAFL truck specializes in a huge range of gourmet waffles and desserts designed to keep you coming back for more. You can often find the WAFL truck parked in a plaza between South Fuller avenue and South Burnside. 

Finding Food Trucks Near You In Beverly Hills

While there's no shortage of restaurants and fine dining in the Beverly Hills area, food trucks are more sparse when compared to other neighborhoods in LA. Many of LA's best food trucks make regular stops in the Beverly Hills area, but if you're in the mood for something specific, you might have to look just outside downtown BH. With LA being the food truck capital of the world, your search shouldn't be too exhausting!


1. How do I find a Beverly Hills food truck for my event, party, or business?

With Roaming Hunger, hiring a food cart or trailer for your event has never been easier. Visit our Beverly Hills food truck catering page to get started. 

2. How many food trucks are in and around Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills has no shortage of good food trucks. To see a comprehensive, visit Roaming Hunger's food truck list page