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About Denver Food Trucks

Denver has been celebrated for its various riches since its foundation in 1858, when settlers on the quest for gold discovered this gorgeous land near the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Abundant in natural beauty and lush with vibrant arts, cultures, and sports of all kinds, the Mile High City of today also boasts an unparalleled food truck scene.

Best Food Trucks in Denver

Denver is home to America’s largest number of breweries, as well as the fittest and most active citizens. Since beer is basically street food’s best friend, and you really gotta sustain yourself when you are burning all those calories, the demand here is high for delicious gourmet eats that are convenient and affordable. Well, that is exactly what’s on the menu at many of the best food trucks in this Wild West town.

The Savory Life is a local favorite for its impeccably-crafted international dishes, including authentic British Beef Wellington and Japanese-style Ahi tuna towers. The Biscuit Bus debuted as Denver’s first-ever gourmet food truck, and has even been featured on several national TV programs for its famously flaky and buttery biscuit creations, with fillings like buttermilk fried chicken, Tender Belly ham, and Colorado honey butter. Foodies truly can’t praise Manna From Heaven enough for its wonderfully flavorful Vietnamese fusion cuisine. From the banh mi to the potstickers, every bite is simply divine. If you are a fan of high quality sushi, be sure to check out Yatai Food Cart for its customizable selection of hand rolls with fresh seafood and premium ingredients.

Pizza Trucks

Of course, this classic Italian dish is a beloved treasure everywhere you go, but in Colorado, pizza passion runs deep. Perhaps it’s because of the pizza trucks like Fat Sully’s Slice Truck with its authentically large and cheesy NY-style slices, or Basic Kneads Pizza with its flame-kissed, wood-fired selection, or Amore Pizza with its signature tangy tomato sauce… that the bar has been set so Rocky Mountain-high.

Taco Trucks

Mexican food is extremely popular in the Mile High City. Thankfully, there are many taco trucks that satisfy the intense hankerings of the masses. Verde Food Truck has introduced the locals to Arizona/Sonoran-style dishes, including crispy fried cheese tacos with guacamole. Mestizos is known for its modern take on globally inspired Mexican fusion, with mouthwatering specialty tacos that come with your choice of protein (including sweet lime chicken or bacon al pastor) and topped with citrus apple slaw, sriracha, sour cream, and your choice of fruit. The Optimistic Onion offers a positively tasty Philly Cheesesteak taco, as well as other Mexican-American favorites.

Ice Cream & Shaved Ice Trucks

While Denver does experience each of the four beautiful seasons, with an average of 300 days of sunshine every year, delicious frozen treats often hit the spot. Luckily, there are always a few cool ice cream & shaved ice trucks serving at a curb near you, like Liquid N2 Ice Cream with its delightfully creamy flavors that are frozen right before your eyes. White Whale is where you go for delectable build-your-own ice cream cookie sandwiches. High Point Creamery offers handcrafted, artisan ice cream scoops, shakes, and sundaes.

Food Trucks Near You

Whether you are craving breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight snacks, while hanging around downtown or along the historic Colfax Avenue, or any of Denver’s other famous streets, our map serves as the perfect locator for all the wonderful food trucks near you.

If you are seeking quality flavors and service for your next event, visit our Denver Catering Page. Our brilliant team of agents will happily match you up with the perfect food truck for any occasion, whether it’s a corporate lunch, wedding, or private event.