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Malibu is known for two things: 21 miles of beautiful, expansive beach and celebrity sightings. 

The "Bu," as it's called by local surfers, stretches across the coastline, framed by the Santa Monica Mountains behind it. Malibu's weather stays perfect and temperate all year, making it the ideal West Coast beach destination. Some of the area's more notable attractions include: 

  • The World Surfing Reserve at Surfrider beach
  • Hiking through California State Parkland
  • Arts and entertainment at the Getty Villa
  • Cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway 

Between its beautiful coastal range and the scenic vistas of the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu is one of the more striking neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles Area. And no beachfront visit would be complete without sampling some of the best food trucks, carts, and trailers in the city! 

The Best Malibu Food Trucks 

Taco Trucks 

The food trucks and carts of Los Angeles County are synonymous with tacos, burritos, and other Latin-inspired dishes. If you're looking for the best taco food trucks in Malibu, try Sabor A Malibu Taco Truck or Nelly's catering. 

Sabor A Malibu specializes in fish tacos, but they offer a diverse menu including both juicy burgers and hearty breakfast fare. Sabor A Malibu calls 31242 Pacific Coast Highway home and is open 9-3 every day of the week. 

Nelly's Catering, which travels up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, is known for its selection of burritos, carnitas, carne asada, and traditional Mexican breakfasts.  

Fusion Trucks 

In the mood for a more diverse kind of food trailer?  Rock Chef Rolls, headquartered on 766 Lakefield road along the Northern edge of the Malibu area, deploys to events and locations all over the greater Malibu area. Manned by head chef Alberto Vasquez, Rock Chef Rolls offers a wide range of Latin-inspired fusion dishes. 

Italian Food Trucks 

The best food trucks near Malibu aren't just taco trucks. La La Lasagna specializes in a full range of traditional Italian cuisine, from their famous mushroom ravioli to their freshly made cannoli. The true star of the show is of course their lasagna, with a number of different dishes available. La La Lasagna is headquartered at 31740 Mulholland Hwy, and makes a wide circuit all the way from Malibu to Long Beach.  

Finding Food Trucks Near You 

The Malibu area is an epicenter for food trucks from all over the greater Los Angeles area. While taco trucks reign supreme, you can find a wide range of additional options featuring fusion menus. The Malibu area is also home to a number of catering food trucks such as Goodies Ice Cream Truck that can be contracted for parties and events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Malibu food truck for my event, party, or business?

Roaming Hunger makes it easy to locate the best food trucks in and around Malibu. Head over to our Malibu food truck catering page for more details. 

How many food trucks are in and around Malibu?

Due to the nature of the business, food trucks come and go. At Roaming Hunger, we do our best to keep our database up to date in order to provide you with a comprehensive list of food carts, trailers, and trucks. Check out our LA food truck list for current stats.