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Santa Clarita has some of the richest history in the state of California and is home to a fantastic array of sites of both great historical importance and natural beauty. But let’s be real, most people come for Six Flags Magic Mountain.

So before or after you’re done riding the coasters (or if you never make it in the park), you’re probably going to be hungry. We all know the food inside the park is probably not ideal. That’s where the SCV food trucks come in.

There's something to satisfy all tastes to be found in the Santa Clarita area. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, or something sweet, it can be found closer than you think.

The Best Santa Clarita Food Trucks

Mexican, Asian, and American Fusion Trucks - Chances are, there's a Go Fish House not far from you. Owner Eddie Escobar delivers his unique fusion of Mexican, Asian, and American food via four, that's right, four, separate food trucks around Santa Clarita and Valencia.

BBQ Trucks and Carts - If you're in the mood for tasty food, you could also check out Big Dog's Grilli'n. A BBQ cart with a menu that stems from a long family grilling tradition, you can rest assured your belly will be happy whether you choose chicken or go for a fresh and juicy steak.

Pizza Trucks - The Pacific Pizza Co serves more than just pizza and has a range of starters and sides that are the perfect accompaniment to one of its hand-crafted pizzas.

Ice Cream and Dessert Trucks - If you're looking for something a little sweeter, Kona Ice of Santa Clarita could be right up your alley. Custom iced drinks can refresh and refuel and if you're keeping an eye on your figure, less sugary and more nutritious versions of their trademark beverages are available.

Taco Trucks – You’ll be hard pressed to find any town in SoCal that is short on taco options. Look out for Tacos Jimenez in Castaic, who can satisfy your late-night taco fix until 2am.

Finding Food Trucks Near You

While Santa Clarita will not have as many food truck choices as LA, you’ll still find many around town.

One of the most popular ways to sample the finest food Santa Clarita has to offer is by heading down to Food Truck Saturdays. Every Saturday at the parking lot of 26573 Carl Boyer Dr, the city's most popular gourmet food trucks gather to provide an outstanding array of food and fun.

You can also try some of the local breweries, some of which host food trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find a Santa Clarita food truck for my event, party, or business?

Hiring food trucks for any event is super easy. Whether you’re looking for catering or to bring a food truck, trailer, or cart to sell to guests, head over to our Santa Clarita food truck catering page.

2. How many food trucks are in and around Santa Clarita?

While food trucks open and close all the time, we try to keep our database up to date. Check out our Food Truck List page for a comprehensive list of food trucks in the area.