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Located in Los Angeles County, Calabasas is a beautiful city where you can expect comfortable temperatures and weather throughout the year. While many know it as the home of the Kardashians, it also hosts many celebrities, including Drake, Justin Bieber, and Will Smith. Whether you want to go picnicking, biking, and outdoor hiking, Calabasas has a lot to offer.

While the town is deep in the Valley, food trucks will still make their way there.

The Best Calabasas Food Trucks

Taco Trucks

There’s no shortage of taco trucks in LA, but you probably won’t find them near the Erewhon Market. To get your taco fix, you’ll probably want to go into Tarzana or Reseda. If you're looking for the best tacos, head up De Soto Ave. until you spot one. If you need one in Calabasas, set up a party and bring one out.

Ice Cream Trucks

For the most nutritious and delicious shaved ice, you can opt for Kona Ice of Calabasas. Since its inception in 2017, the truck brought the idea of the Hawaiian shaved ice into town. Whether you need treats during your private party, birthday, festival, or other events, you can rest assured of an exceptional experience.

Pizza Trucks

Pizza can make any event a success. A fresh pie custom made in front of you will get everyone excited. Our favorites for events are Humble Crust and URBN Pizza. But there are many options to choose from, including trailers and carts that bring the oven and can fit into a backyard space.

BBQ Trucks

You can bring a number of awesome bbq trucks into Calabasas and get your grub on. Check out BBQ Smokehouse for the full truck experience, as well as their full menu of delicious meats, sides, and desserts. Not surprising for LA, they also offer vegetarian options. For a smaller footprint, John Que’s Smokeout can roll their trailer/grill into town and set up almost anywhere. The scent alone will make anyone hungry to try whatever’s on the menu.

If you want to go old school, you can bring out the original gourmet food truck, Kogi BBQ. While more of a taco truck, Kogi is for you if you love awesome Korean BBQ served on tortillas.

Finding Food Trucks Near You

Calabasas may not have as many food trucks as other areas in LA, but you can still bring your favorites to the city. You can do so by going to our food truck catering page and filling out our event request form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Calabasas food truck for my business, party, wedding, or other events?

Finding food trucks for your event shouldn't be difficult. Are you looking to bring a food cart, or trailer to an event to sell to guests? You want to visit the food truck catering page.

How many food trucks are in and around Calabasas?

It's true food trucks may open and close at different times, but we try as much as possible to update our database. Head to our Food Truck List page to view a complete list of food carts in the city.