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What Are Food Truck Promotions?

Whether your company is an established Fortune 500 firm or a startup trying to make a splash in the market, a food truck promotion helps to build positive brand awareness and connects you with potential customers. Food truck promotions can create experiences that people love to share, helping companies break into new markets where they want to make a lasting impact.

A food truck promotion is defined as an experiential marketing campaign that includes a branded food truck as a component of the activation. The food truck in these activations can be the focus or just a part of a fully-immersive experience designed by a creative team. While adding a professional culinary experience to the food truck promotion can allow you to positively affect each of the senses of your potential customers, these activations do not have to include food.

With over 12 years of experience creating food truck promotions, we can run the entire campaign. From our initial discovery meeting, we’ll set up your campaign for success from the first step.

Advantages of Food Truck Promotions

The goal for a food truck promotion should be to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your brand. With 12 years of experience in this space, we’ve learned that successful food truck promotions craft an experience that people remember, talk about, and most importantly, share.

Every promotion is a completely bespoke experience, so they come in all shapes and sizes. Each activation is built to achieve your desired objectives, so the right campaign for you depends on the goals of your brand.

Food truck promotions can be used to increase sign-ups or downloads, create brand awareness, or as a PR campaign.

A single successful activation can also be scaled into a larger mobile marketing tour, increasing your marketing impact while keeping costs down.

Create micro-moments: In our over 12 years of experience with food truck promotions, we have found that the best campaigns create positive micro-moments that attendees remember and associate with the brand for years to come. Food truck promotions provide an opportunity to do this in a way that other experiential marketing campaigns cannot.

We leverage our network of over 19,000 vendors to create food truck promotions anywhere in the US (and many global locations) and help brands make a lasting impression in their target markets and connect directly with the people that they want to reach.

How a Food Truck Promotion Works

A food truck promotion provides many different levels of connection to your customers that other types of marketing campaigns cannot provide. It provides the opportunity to connect with your customers in the real world instead of online. It offers the chance to gain valuable insights into how the public perceives your brand but also gives you the ability to craft that experience and the impression they take away from it.

Designing a food truck promotion with a holistic, ground-up approach, starts with your brand’s “why” and enables you to create a bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime event for your customers. Creative teams can use your desired outcomes to design an experience that will make your audience want to move in that direction. That could be sampling a new food item, capturing their social or contact information, informing them of a new product, or simply increasing positive brand awareness.

If you choose to utilize a food truck promotion with a culinary aspect, that provides you with the unique opportunity to engage every one of your audiences’ senses in a way that no other marketing campaign or activation can.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a food truck promotion:

Know who you want to connect with. Bespoke activations are built with specific goals in mind, so your customer persona and target market are crucial, as they will drive the strategy.

Next, you need to pick optimal activation locations. The core tenets of marketing are connecting with the right person, at the right time, with the right message, and in the right location. This makes the city, venue, and even time of day extremely important.

Whether it is built from scratch or rented, the correct footprint is key. The environment for the activation needs to bring in and engage the audience, and be small or large enough to make a lasting impression.

To get the best engagement out of your audience, you need to engage them. Focus on as many senses as possible (touch, taste, smell, sound) to create a lasting memory.

Make sure that you know what defines success from the start. Having specific targets will help determine how to scale a program or repeat it in another market.

Know your budget. A food truck promotion might start at around $25k, but can easily go beyond a million dollars for complex activations.

Location expertise, planning, production, building a campaign to meet your goals, and encouraging high-impact interactions with your brand are critical components of success. These are the reasons that our clients continue to work with us.

What Types of Companies Use Food Truck Promotions?

Food and BeverageProvide sampling, brand awareness or market testing across the nation to get instant feedback from your target market for a new product.

Case Studies

Just a few of the brands we’ve worked with in the past decade to create branded food truck promotions and mobile experiential tours.

Shake Shack X NotCo Tour

Shake Shack

When Shake Shack wanted to debut their creamy vegan custard and vegan shakes made with NotCo's NotMilk, they knew who to call. We had a blast sampling sweet, plant-based treats to LA.

Amazon Freevee Tour


Ad agency employees embarked on an engaging journey as the Freevee Mobile Tour made its way through vibrant markets, offering a delightful experience. They savored delicious empanadas and refreshing horchata cold brew, fully immersing themselves in the world of Freevee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a food truck promotion?

A food truck promotion is an experiential marketing campaign that includes a food truck as part of the activation. The food truck in these activations can be the centerpiece, or simply a part of a larger experience. While adding a culinary component to a food truck promotion can enhance the experience, these activations do not have to include food.

How much does a food truck promotion cost?

The food truck promotions that we create at Roaming Hunger are each completely custom for our clients and their goals. This can lead costs to vary widely based on the items used or built, infrastructure, personnel, and location. While our team can work to assure that our clients are getting the most efficient use of their budgets, the minimum cost for a food truck promotion starts at around $25,000.

How do I create a food truck promotion?

There are quite a few different components to creating a successful food truck promotion that will accomplish your goals and create an engaging, memorable experience for your audience. At a high level, your brand needs to focus on:

  1. Having the right equipment, brand ambassadors, infrastructure, and permitting
  2. Ensuring that you start with clear goals upon which to build your strategy
  3. Scouting your locations to ensure they will work for your activation (and have permits)
  4. A great on-the-ground team
  5. Someone to manage and execute the food truck promotion
  6. A sufficient budget to build and sustain your activation.

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